Careers in Programming: How to Get a Great Coding Job (2019)

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Accelerate your coding career! Find a great job in programming or app development in a new course from Eazl & Codestars!

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  • Master strategy, résumé/CV writing, LinkedIn profile SEO, and coding interview preparation to achieve successful career advancement
  • Ace whiteboard coding interviews and prepare a keyword-rich, targeted résumé that gets outstanding results

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A great job is key to living a happy life; however, the problem is, you know how competitive the job market is and you weren't taught to job hunt even though it is an essential skill. Don’t worry! This course will take you through strategy, résumé;/CV writing, LinkedIn profile SEO, coding interview preparation, professional networking, salary negotiation, dealing with HR and recruiters, and much more. This course will not only guide you in gaining control of your career, but it’ll also help you act with confidence and purpose so that you don't waste your valuable time and can earn more than you previously thought possible. Careers in Programming can make all this happen within a few weeks.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Welcome to Careers in Programming: Let’s Launch Your Job Search
    1. Careers in Programming: How to Get a Great Coding Job (2019 Course Trailer) 00:00:49
    2. Welcome to the Course! We’re Glad you’re here. 00:03:01
    3. [Optional] New to Computer Science? Learn How to Transition into Coding 00:02:58
  2. Chapter 2 : Big Six Skills™: Reverse Engineer Your Job Search Strategy
    1. The Big Six Skills™: How to Create Career Alignment 00:02:16
    2. A Crash Course on the Market for Programming Talent 00:03:42
    3. How to Develop Your Big Six Skills™ 00:03:22
    4. SideBySide: Let’s Reverse Engineer a Set of Big Six Skills™ 00:11:19
    5. Hear it From Nick: How Recruiters Develop Candidate Narratives 00:20:40
    6. Section Wrap: Stress Management on Your Job Search 00:01:58
  3. Chapter 3 : Hacking the Hidden Job Market: Technical Communities, Referrals, and CRM
    1. Hidden Jobs: How to Find a Job through a Referral 00:03:17
    2. Unlock the Hidden Job Market with Eazl’s TWO Approach 00:02:41
    3. Hear it from Nick: How Employers Use Referrals 00:11:19
    4. How Career CRM Can Help You Hack Your Job Search 00:03:15
    5. SideBySide: See Three Convenient Career CRM Techniques 00:05:20
    6. Section Wrap: Where to Invest 50% of Your Career Development Energy 00:01:48
  4. Chapter 4 : Resume / CV Writing Skills: Powerful Professional Presentation
    1. Apply this Agile Development Concept as You Write Your Resume / CV 00:01:39
    2. Job Search Copywriting Skills: How to Use Framing and Build Trust 00:03:34
    3. SideBySide: Let’s Connect a Set of Big Six Skills™ with Work Experiences 00:09:44
    4. Section Wrap: Writing Skills and the Language of HR 00:02:43
  5. Chapter 5 : Resume / CV Writing: Write a Powerful, Keyword-Optimized Resume
    1. The Story Behind the $1,500 Resume You’re about to Build 00:04:20
    2. Eazl’s Anti-Robot Protocol: Your Resume Keyword / SEO Strategy 00:03:06
    3. Choose and Download Your Resume Template [Resume Templates and Samples Here] 00:01:02
    4. Build Your Resume / CV: First Steps [Step-by-Step Resume Writing Guide Here] 00:06:07
    5. Build Your Resume / CV: Add Your Big Six Skills™ and Organizations 00:10:06
    6. Build Your Resume / CV: Add Your Job Titles and Role Descriptions 00:05:05
    7. Build Your Resume / CV: Develop and Add Your Supporting Points 00:11:09
    8. Build Your Resume / CV: Describe Your Coding Projects 00:05:41
    9. Build Your Resume / CV: Add Education and Professional Development 00:03:31
    10. Build Your Resume / CV: Add Coding Languages, Software Expertise, and Extras 00:01:41
    11. What’s the Purpose of Your Executive Summary Section? 00:00:43
    12. Build Your Resume / CV: Add Your Executive Summary and Keyword Optimize 00:04:21
    13. Section Wrap: Debugging Your Resume to Reduce Uncertainty 00:03:24
  6. Chapter 6 : Cover Letter Writing: Handling Application Barriers and Using X Factors
    1. How to Use Cover Letters to Get Past Career Walls 00:02:31
    2. How to Find and Overcome Barriers to Getting an Interview 00:02:41
    3. Hear it from Nick: Cover Letters, Barriers, Visas, and Relocation 00:10:39
    4. How to Mass-customize the Cover Letters You Write 00:00:58
    5. Let’s Perform Cover Letter Research and Write a Cover Letter Together 00:09:56
    6. Let’s Convert Your Cover Letter to an Email Introduction Piece 00:02:13
    7. Section Wrap: Only Share What’s Relevant to Your Audience 00:01:48
  7. Chapter 7 : LinkedIn and Your Job Search: SEO and Professional Branding on Your Profile
    1. Visual Branding, SEO, Skills, AI and Your LinkedIn Profile 00:03:17
    2. How to Bring Your Big Six Skills™ to Life On Your Online Profiles 00:02:27
    3. How to Find Visuals that Support Your Big Six Skills™ 00:06:36
    4. Headshot Photography for Your LinkedIn Profile 00:02:56
    5. Hear it From Nick: How Recruiters Use Social Platforms 00:23:41
    6. How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn Profile Summary Using Eazl’s GBQ Method 00:03:38
    7. Build Your Profile: Write a Searchable Headline and Create a Custom URL 00:02:32
    8. Build Your Profile: Write Your LinkedIn Profile Summary & Upload Visuals 00:09:31
    9. Build Your Profile: Optimize Your Work Experiences and Add Strategic Visuals 00:06:42
    10. Build Your Profile: Add Your Custom Skills and Link to Projects (Important!) 00:03:46
    11. Build Your Profile: Add Your Educational Experiences and Other Credentials 00:02:38
    12. Build Your Profile: Use Custom Job Search Settings (also: Stealth Job Hunting) 00:03:19
    13. Section Wrap: Crafting Your Career Narrative + LinkedIn Machine Learning 00:02:10
  8. Chapter 8 : Professional Networking: Using LinkedIn and Activating Your Personal Network
    1. Meaningful Outreach that You Can Be Proud Of 00:02:06
    2. Eazl’s CCC Professional Networking Method for Programmers 00:01:50
    3. How to Network at Scale Using Your LinkedIn Profile [LinkedIn Word Tracks Here] 00:05:50
    4. How to Get Job Leads from Your Professional Network 00:07:10
    5. Section Wrap: Let People Know You’re Looking While Being True to Yourself 00:01:01
  9. Chapter 9 : How Hiring Works: Recruiting, Human Resources, and Applications
    1. The Labor Market as a Predictable System 00:01:39
    2. The One Question You Want to Answer About Every Job Opening 00:04:56
    3. What Are External Recruitment Agencies and How Can You Use Them? 00:03:42
    4. Hear it from Nick: How to Use External Recruiters 00:15:22
    5. How to Use Boolean Searches to Get Better Results 00:01:30
    6. SideBySide: Let’s Develop a Boolean Query on a Job Board 00:01:48
    7. SideBySide: How to Use Boolean Searches and Custom Filters on LinkedIn 00:02:34
    8. Section Wrap: How to Manage the Programming / Human Resources Bridge 00:02:14
  10. Chapter 10 : Interviewing Skills: from Phone Screens to the Whiteboard Coding Interview
    1. How Psychology Can Help You Develop Interviewing Skills 00:02:58
    2. What’s a Typical Interview Process for Technical Positions? 00:03:29
    3. How to Research Organizations Before Interviews [Cheat Sheet Here] 00:07:22
    4. How to Hack Phone Screen Interviews 00:01:42
    5. MegaAnimation: The Top 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Edge in In-person Interviews 00:04:30
    6. Hear it From Nick: How Should You Approach the First Interview? 00:09:43
    7. Steve Yegge’s 9 Preparation Areas for Whiteboard Coding Interviews 00:02:10
    8. Becky from Google’s 5 Tips on Performing Well in Whiteboard Coding Interviews 00:01:45
    9. Hear it from Nick: What are Employers Seeking in Whiteboard Coding Interviews? 00:09:29
    10. Case Study: Why You Should Contact Your References First 00:04:05
    11. How to Follow Up with People After Interviews [Follow-up Word Tracks Here] 00:03:50
    12. Section Wrap: Take a Collaborative Approach to Your Interviews 00:02:59
  11. Chapter 11 : Negotiation Skills: Negotiating Your Compensation and Benefits
    1. The Delicate Process of Negotiating Your Compensation and Benefits 00:02:45
    2. What Variables are at Play During Salary Negotiations? (BEM) 00:04:06
    3. Hear it from Nick: How an Employer is Likely to Approach Salary Negotiations 00:16:13
    4. Case Study: Market Benchmarking and Reciprocity in Salary Negotiations 00:05:12
    5. Section Wrap: Take a Constructive Approach to Salary Negotiations 00:01:57
  12. Chapter 12 : Further Study: Making a Career Change + Extra Resume Writing Help
    1. Additional Resume Help: How to Show a Promotion within an Organization 00:02:18
    2. Additional Resume Help: How to Show More than 10 Years of Work Experience 00:01:39
    3. Additional Resume Help: How to Include Academic Research on Your Resume 00:02:19
    4. Additional Resume Help: How to Build a Resume if You Have No Work Experience 00:02:43
    5. Making a Mid-life Career Change: Stephen Szermer’s Tips 00:53:28

Product information

  • Title: Careers in Programming: How to Get a Great Coding Job (2019)
  • Author(s): David Jones, Eazl, Rob Percival, Nihcolas Livingston
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838987701