The following abbreviations are used throughout to refer to works by Bakhtin and other members of the Bakhtin Circle. Page references are to the English translations only.

Works by Bakhtin and members of the Bakhtin Circle not available in English appear in the “WORKS CITED” list of articles in which they are cited.

AA “Art and Answerability” [1919], in Art and Answerability, 1–3. Russian: “Iskusstvo i otvetstvennost'”, in Estetika slovesnogo tvorchestva, 5–6.
AH “Author and Hero in Aesthetic Activity” [c. 1920–23], in Art and Answerability, 4–256. Russian: “Avtor i geroi v esteticheskoi deiatel'nosti”, in Estetika slovesnogo tvorchestva, 7–180.
BSHR “The Bikhmgsroman and Its Significance in the History of Realism ...

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