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Cashier Number 3 Please

Book Description

Ever been stressed by the queue in a fast food restaurant? Or an airline check in? Or had to wait ages in an A&E? When was the last time that you had to queue for something – and enjoyed the experience? In the fast paced wireless and e-enabled world why do we have to wait for service? Terry Green takes us on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of how the best (and the worst) organisations manage the way we get served in store, and shows how any organisation that delivers face-to-face service can raise their game, reduce costs, and deliver a superior customer experience. Waiting –between the wanting and the getting - touches every aspect of our lives and research has shown that we spend 17% of our lives doing just that. Waiting. The author Terry Green and his company Q-Matic have single-handedly changed that experience (usually for the better!) for consumers, with Terry himself acting as the voice ("Cashier Number 3, Please!") for many auto-queuing systems in our banks and post offices today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. PREFACE · I queue therefore I am
  6. 1 Introduction
  7. 2 Shopping for business
    1. Are we being served?
    2. What makes people shop?
    3. The waiting game
  8. 3 Post early for success
    1. Early days
    2. Moving to linear queues
    3. The dawning of a discipline
    4. Cashier Number Three Please!
    5. Going to trial
    6. Never believe an “Ahh-Butter”
    7. The very first installation
    8. Exploiting an idea successfully
  9. 4 Banking on a queue
    1. Storming the banks
    2. I hear voices
    3. Going on the offensive
  10. 5 Standing in line vs taking a ticket
    1. Virtual queueing
    2. Accepted behaviour
    3. A matter of context
  11. 6 The impulse buy
    1. Enhancing the queueing experience
    2. Getting it right
    3. The payback
  12. 7 The science of queuenomics
    1. Capturing data
    2. Lean service delivery?
    3. Calculating the cost of queueing
    4. Proactive queue management
  13. 8 Bending time
    1. What it feels like for a shopper
    2. Tolerating wait times
    3. Kicking things off
    4. The F word
    5. Shortest Processed First
    6. Making a promise – and keeping it
    7. Relevant distraction
    8. In-store digital media
    9. It’s all in the perception
  14. 9 Making lean service delivery a reality
    1. The numbers and the psychology
    2. What’s the right number of registers?
    3. Children’s shoes: Saving money while improving service
    4. A business without queues?
    5. Signs of good health
    6. Data drives insight
    7. Customer Flow Management
  15. 10 The undercover shopper
    1. A talent for skulking
    2. Learning to be invisible
    3. Three types of customers
  16. 11 Planet retail
    1. Pay here
    2. Do-it-yourself checkouts
    3. One in front
    4. Checkout the layout
    5. Mapping the customer’s journey
  17. 12 The retail safari
    1. Rocking the boat
    2. Start by thinking like a shopper
    3. Hitting the streets
  18. 13 Love me, love my branch
    1. The role of the branch persists
    2. An icon of trust
    3. Accessing service in the branch
    4. Making an appointment
    5. Winds of change
    6. Enter the Matchmaker
    7. Virtual queues and skills-based routing
    8. Counter queues
    9. Transforming the branch
    10. Case-study: Barclays Bank
    11. My fantasy bank branch
    12. The future is coming
  19. 14 Building a buzz
    1. The nature of growth
    2. The alchemy of success
    3. Winning
    4. Spell success with three Ps
    5. Stepchange: Structured selling
    6. How much success can you handle?
  20. Afterword
  21. Acknowledgements
  22. Notes
  23. Recommended reading
  24. About the author