Service management and use cases

Service management was another crucial organization function that was not formalized so far. Now, Cassandra was deployed in a cluster; application and web servers had their own clusters. The backlog of features to have service supportability and application supportability as well as service management needs were huge, but the top priority was to have a central log containing the following contents:

  • Application logs
  • Network logs
  • Performance metrics
  • Audit data
  • Monitoring data

All of these were to be classified into different classes such as <APPLICATION>:INFO, <APPLICATION>:WARNING, <APPLICATION>:ERROR, <NETWORK>:INFO, <NETWORK>:WARNING, <NETWORK>:ERROR, <METRIC>:LOW, <METRIC>:25TH, <METRIC>:50TH, <METRIC>:75TH, <METRIC>:90TH ...

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