Supplying time to live information when inserting columns

Time To Live (TTL) is a setting that makes a column self-delete a specified number of seconds after the insertion time.

How to do it...

  1. Append with ttl clause to a set statement that will expire a row after ten seconds:
    [default@testkeyspace] set testcf['3']['acolumn']='avalue' with ttl = 10;
    Value inserted.
    [default@testkeyspace] get testcf['3'];                                  
    => (column=61636f6c756d6e, value=6176616c7565, timestamp=1298507877951000, ttl=10)
    Returned 1 results.
  2. Wait ten seconds or longer before reading again and the column will be deleted:
    [default@testkeyspace] get testcf['3'];
    Returned 0 results.

See also...

In Chapter 3, The Application Programmer Interface, the recipe Using TTL to create columns ...

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