Choosing consistency over availability consistency ALL

Using the consistency level ALL always has strong consistency regardless of what other level it is paired with, with one important exception: writing at ANY and reading at ALL is not strongly consistent. This recipe uses the ALL level and demonstrates trade-offs.

How to do it...

  1. Run the ConstistencyPerformanceTester with the writeLevel of ALL and the readLevel of ONE:
    $ hostList=,,,, port=9160 \
    ks=ks33 cf=cf33 inserts=10000 readLevel=ONE writeLevel=ALL \
    ant -DclassToRun=hpcas.c03.ConsistencyPerformanceTester run 
         [java] insertCount:10000 NotFoundCount:0 NotFoundCount2: 0 nanos:20558351612 
  2. Remove the downed node from the host list and run ...

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