Catch of the Decade

Book description

‘Gabby and Hezi were always the most looked-up-to duo in ecommerce and they truly taught me how to trade!’
Nick Molnar, CEO, Afterpay

‘The Leibovich brothers are pioneers of Australian ecommerce. You cannot afford to not read this book.’
Christine Holgate, Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Australia Post

 Real stories and advice from digital entrepreneurs who have learned what it takes to succeed

In Catch of the Decade, two of Australia’s most successful online superstars reveal how they’ve built, launched, merged, and sold some of the most disruptive businesses in Australia today: Catch, Scoopon, Menulog and Luxury Escapes. This book contains little-known secrets and strategies that will help you shorten your learning curve, avoid mistakes, and bring your business dream alive. 

The wisdom revealed in this book is hard won: brothers Gabby and Hezi Leibovich started with no money and no connections, turned their drawbacks into assets, and came out on top. You’ll learn how they rode the waves of entrepreneurialism and worked their way up. 

  • Learn proven tips to define, disrupt and dominate a sector or industry, straight from entrepreneurs who achieved their billion-dollar dreams.
  • Read hard hitting, no bull nuggets of wisdom in the areas of customer service, PR, Buying and trading, engaging investors and more.
  • Market-tested strategies for building big brands, creating high-performing teams and fostering a world-class entrepreneurial culture.

For the first time, the Leibovich brothers are telling their story, in their own words, and you’ll learn how they got where they are today. Follow in their footsteps with over 200 bite-sized entries that are both inspirational and useful. Pick up Catch of the Decade and get moving! 

Table of contents

  1. COVER
    1. The businesses we built
    2. Fast facts
    3. The Catch timeline
    4. Note
  3. Part I: Getting started
    1. CHAPTER 1: How it all began
      1. If you haven't succeeded yet, don't give up
      2. Raised on hummus and chutzpah*
      3. The third door
      4. It all started at the dinner table
      5. Building the family business
      6. Working weekends at the market
      7. Something has to change
      8. ‘Free spinal check’: three words I never want to hear again
      9. The ‘can't fail’ idea
      10. A little website called eBay
      11. Notes
    2. CHAPTER 2: Working together
      1. The day eBay shut us down
      2. Nowhere to go and no way to grow
      3. Better to copy and excel than to be original and mediocre
      4. What's in a name?
      5. Landing the first catches
      6. You're only as good as your last deal
      7. To niche or not to niche?
      8. Notes
    3. CHAPTER 3: Gaining momentum
      1. We are better buyers!
      2. Innovate or die
      3. Necessity is the mother of invention
      4. Our big break
      5. Sale of the century
      6. Catching fire
      7. One last thing …
    4. CHAPTER 4: Recession? Shmecession!
      1. How four minutes of fame made us a fortune
      2. Who said PR doesn't work?
      3. How to stay ahead
      4. Say ‘yes’ and work the rest out later
    5. CHAPTER 5: Idea by midnight, execute by midday
      1. How we launched Scoopon
      2. Right time, right place, right idea
      3. The launch of Scoopon Travel
      4. Note
    6. CHAPTER 6: Catch us if you can
      1. The Tiger who came to tea
  4. Part II: Ramping up
    1. CHAPTER 7: Time to scale
      1. Growing pains
    2. CHAPTER 8: Running fast
      1. The launch of Grocery Run
      2. Mumgo. It's where mums go
      3. The launch of Vinomofo
      4. Kissing frogs
      5. It all started with pizza
      6. Doing the right thing
    3. CHAPTER 9: The robots are coming!
    4. CHAPTER 10: The Catch culture
      1. Sliding into greatness
      2. Why not make it fun?
      3. Negotiating in pyjamas
      4. Your culture is your people
      5. Be a mensch
      6. AIRheads need not apply
    5. CHAPTER 11: Meanwhile, back at Menulog …
  5. Part III: Full speed ahead
    1. CHAPTER 12: It takes two
      1. Debates are good for business
      2. We did it once. Can we do it again?
      3. What went wrong?
      4. Unintended consequences
      5. Note
    2. CHAPTER 13: A new era
      1. Transforming the Catch culture
      2. Back on track
    3. CHAPTER 14: Time for some major changes
      1. If you can't join them, beat them
      2. You don't have what I want!
    4. CHAPTER 15: The marketplace beckons
      1. Amazon is coming
      2. The race is on
      3. More questions than answers
      4. How we built the marketplace
      5. The launch of
      6. What's in a name?
      7. The side benefits of building a big brand
      8. The gamble paid off
      9. Amazon is getting closer
      10. Don't chase a rabbit down a hole
      11. Learning from the masters
      12. It's complicated
      13. Amazon (finally) arrives
      14. Notes
    5. CHAPTER 16: To list, or not to list: that is the question
      1. Around the world in seven days
      2. Just say ‘yes’ and work the rest out later
      3. Mission accomplished
      4. Note
    6. CHAPTER 17: Wesfarmers come calling
      1. The Midas touch
    7. CHAPTER 18: A final note: how to really succeed in business
      1. Note
  8. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: Catch of the Decade
  • Author(s): Gabby Leibovich, Hezi Leibovich
  • Release date: November 2020
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730388494