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CHAPTER 5Idea by midnight, execute by midday

Here's the conversation that launched Scoopon—one of Australia's greatest disruptors of the service sector—and the story of how we moved quickly to get the idea to market. We both remember the discussion that took place at Nando's chicken shop* just after Hezi spotted Groupon, a US‐based website that pioneered the group‐buying concept.

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What Groupon did in the early days was group a bunch of buyers together to source a great offer from a local service provider. It was just like Catchoftheday, but for services. It worked on the same FOMO element of offering a great deal for a limited time on the premise the deal will most likely sell out.

By mid‐2010, Catchoftheday was flying high. Things were going from strength to strength, so we could afford for Hezi to leave the room and take responsibility for the launch of Scoopon.

We lived by our motto, ‘Idea by midnight, execute by midday’, so by noon the next day, we were ready to go. Our mission? Let's turn Scoopon into the Catchoftheday ...

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