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Catching the Process Fieldbus

Book Description

Industrial communications are a multidimensional, occasionally confusing, mixture of fieldbuses, software packages, and media. The intent of this book is to make it all accessible. When industrial controls communication is understood and then installed with forethought and care, network operation can be both beneficial and painless. To that end, the book is designed to speak to you, whether you’re a beginner or interested newbie, the authors guide you through the bus route to communication success. However, this is not a how-to manual. Rather, think of it as a primer laying the groundwork for controls communication design, providing information for the curious to explore and motivation for the dedicated to go further.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Titlepage
  3. Copyright
  4. Foreword
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Contents
  7. Chapter 1: Introduction: a BUS
    1. BUS route
    2. Introducing fieldbus
    3. Benefits of using a fieldbus – a PROFIBUS
    4. PROFIBUS: genesis
    5. PROFIBUS decentralized peripherals (DP)
    6. PROFIBUS process automation (PA)
    8. PROFIsafe
    9. PROFIdrive
    10. PROFINET
    11. Next BUS stops
  8. Chapter 2: How the BUS runs
    1. BUS route
    2. Simple concepts
    3. PROFIBUS bus scan (the bus route!)
    4. Diagnostics
    5. PROFIBUS profiles
    6. Next BUS stop: physical layers and network components
  9. Chapter 3: Physical layers and network components
    1. BUS route
    2. Physical layers
    3. Intrinsically safe/hazardous environments
    4. Choosing a physical layer
    5. Network components
    6. Redundancy
    7. Choosing network components
    8. Next BUS stop: intelligent design
  10. Chapter 4: Intelligent design: PROFIBUS DP/PA basics
    1. BUS route
    2. PROFIBUS DP basic design
    3. PROFIBUS PA basic design rules
    4. PROFIBUS PA design example
    5. Design tools
    6. Calculating data update rates
    7. PROFIBUS PA design suggestions
    8. Next BUS stop: installation
  11. Chapter 5: Installation
    1. BUS route
    2. Connection hardware
    3. Network layout drawings
    4. Cable separation
    5. Installation method
    6. Installation best practice
    7. Next BUS stop: commissioning
  12. Chapter 6: Commissioning
    1. BUS route
    2. Network configuration
    3. Field device configuration/parameterization
    4. Setting up a field device
    5. Using configuration software – best practice
    6. Upload and download speed
    7. Verify the field devices and network are working correctly
    8. Next BUS stop: using the network
  13. Chapter 7: Plant asset management, maintenance, and operations
    1. BUS route
    2. Plant asset management
    3. Human assets
    4. Virtual assets
    5. Physical assets
    6. New field instrument diagnostics
    7. Impact and benefits to the end user
    8. Impact on commissioning
    9. Impact on maintenance
    10. Impact on operations
    11. Next BUS stop: troubleshooting
  14. Chapter 8: Network health verification and troubleshooting
    1. BUS route
    2. Network problems
    3. Tools
    4. Troubleshooting procedure
    5. Destination BUS stop
  15. Appendix A: Acronyms
  16. Appendix B: Definitions
  17. Appendix C: Additional Resources
  18. Index