Required Skill Sets: Apologies, Empathy, and Education

“I’m sorry.”

“I apologize.”

“Please forgive us.” “Pardon the inconvenience.” “Please accept my apology.” “Please bear with us.”

“100 percent my fault.”

“I take full responsibility.”

For the seasoned CCSM, these can become daily mantras, and no wonder. Planners often express their stress and disappointments directly at the CCSM.

Possible issues which could affect a planner’s mood, but which are out of your control, could include:

  • Guests complaining about long lines at hotel check-in

  • C-level1 executives whining about not having the best suite in the hotel

  • Missing or stolen items from a meeting room

  • The attitude of a hotel employee

  • The cleanliness of a heavily used restroom

  • Issues ...

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