Section 1: Bridging and Switching (16 Points)

Section 1.1: Frame Relay Configuration (5 Points)

  • Configure the Frame Relay portion of the network as shown in Figure 3-11 and ensure that DLCIs 110 and 104 between R1 and R6 are not used. Do not configure any subinterfaces, nor rely on inverse ARP, nor use the command broadcast in your configuration. Assume a CIR of 128 kbps per PVC for IGP reference.

The question clearly states that DLCIs 110 and 104 are not to be used and that you should not use subinterfaces; you must, therefore, configure your physical serial interfaces and disable inverse-arp on R1, R4, and R6. Your map statements under the physical interfaces must be configured without broadcast capability; hence, you will need to configure ...

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