CCIE Wireless v3 Study Guide, First Edition

Book Description

Thoroughly prepare for the revised Cisco CCIE Wireless v3.x certification exams


Earning Cisco CCIE Wireless certification demonstrates your broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking, your strong understanding of Cisco WLAN technologies, and the skills and technical knowledge required of an expert-level wireless network professional. This guide will help you efficiently master the knowledge and skills you'll need to succeed on both the CCIE Wireless v3.x written and lab exams.


Designed to help you efficiently focus your study, achieve mastery, and build confidence, it focuses on conceptual insight, not mere memorization. Authored by five of the leading Cisco wireless network experts, it covers all areas of the CCIE Wireless exam blueprint, offering complete foundational knowledge for configuring and troubleshooting virtually any Cisco wireless deployment.


  • Plan and design enterprise-class WLANs addressing issues ranging from RF boundaries to AP positioning, power levels, and density
  • Prepare and set up wireless network infrastructure, including Layer 2/3 and key network services
  • Optimize existing wired networks to support wireless infrastructure
  • Deploy, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco IOS Autonomous WLAN devices for wireless bridging
  • Implement, configure, and manage AireOS Appliance, Virtual, and Mobility Express Controllers
  • Secure wireless networks with Cisco Identity Services Engine: protocols, concepts, use cases, and configuration
  • Set up and optimize management operations with Prime Infrastructure and MSE/CMX
  • Design, configure, operate, and troubleshoot WLANs with real-time applications

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. About This E-Book
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. About the Author(s)
  6. About the Technical Reviewers
  7. Dedications
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Contents at a Glance
  10. Contents
  11. Reader Services
  12. Icons Used in This Book
  13. Command Syntax Conventions
  14. Foreword
  15. Introduction
  16. Who Should Read This Book?
  17. How This Book Is Organized
  18. Figure Credits
  19. Chapter 1 Planning and Designing WLAN Technologies
    1. Describe WLAN Organizations and Regulations
    2. 802.11 Standards and Protocols
    3. Plan and Design Wireless Solutions Requirements
    4. RF Planning, Design, and Validation
    5. Summary
  20. Chapter 2 Network Infrastructure
    1. Introduction
    2. Switching Technologies
    3. IP Layer Refresher
    4. Infrastructure Security for Access Points
    5. Other Protocols Supporting Wireless
    6. Summary
  21. Chapter 3 Autonomous Deployments
    1. The Role in the Deployment
    2. Cisco IOS Autonomous Security
    3. Radio Settings
    4. Multicast on Autonomous
    5. QoS for Bridging
    6. Summary
  22. Chapter 4 AireOS Appliance, Virtual, and Mobility Express Controllers
    1. Mobility Express
    2. Securing Management Access and Control Plane
    3. Working with WLC Interfaces
    4. Deploying Lightweight Access Points
    5. High Availability and Redundancy
    6. Segmenting Your Wireless Network
    7. Wireless Security Policies
    8. FlexConnect Deployments
    9. OfficeExtend
    10. Configuring and Troubleshooting Mesh
    11. Radio Frequency Management
    12. Configuring and Troubleshooting Mobility
    13. Wireless Client Roaming Optimization
    14. Summary
  23. Chapter 5 Wireless Security and Identity Management with ISE
    1. Identity Management Building Blocks
    2. Identity Services Engine Deployment and Configuration
    3. Summary
  24. Chapter 6 Prime Infrastructure and MSE/CMX
    1. Managing the Management
    2. Basic Operations
    3. Configuring Jobs
    4. Security Operations
    5. Mobility Services Engine and Connected Mobile Experiences
    6. Summary
  25. Chapter 7 WLAN Media and Application Services
    1. Introduction
    2. QoS Survival Concepts for Wireless Experts
    3. Trust Boundary and Congestion Mechanisms
    4. Configurations
    5. Bonjour/mDNS
    6. Summary
  26. Code Snippets

Product Information

  • Title: CCIE Wireless v3 Study Guide, First Edition
  • Author(s): Jerome Henry, Stephen Orr, Federico Ziliotto, Nicholas Darchis, Carlos Alcantara, Jeal Jimenez
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 9780135162095