Chapter 10Storage Area Networking

The following Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals CLDFND (210-451) Exam Objectives are covered in this chapter:

✓ 5.2 Describe the difference between all the storage access technologies

  • 5.2.a Difference between SAN and NAS
  • 5.2.b Block technologies
  • 5.2.c File technologies

✓ 5.3 Describe basic SAN storage concepts

  • 5.3.a Initiator, target, zoning
  • 5.3.b VSAN
  • 5.3.c LUN

✓ 5.4 Describe basic NAS storage concepts

  • 5.4.a Shares / mount points
  • 5.4.b Permissions

Introducing Storage Area Networking

Five critical areas of cloud computing are compute, networking, storage, virtualization, and automation. The Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals exam requires knowledge of storage in order to be able to obtain ...

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