Chapter 12 Integrated Cloud Infrastructure Offerings

The following Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals CLDFND (210-451) Exam Objectives are covered in this chapter:

✓ 5.6 Describe various integrated infrastructures

  • 5.6.aFlexPod(NetApp)
  • 5.6.bVblock (VCE)
  • 5.6.c VSPEX (EMC)
  • 5.6.d OpenBlock(Red Hat)

Integrated Infrastructure Overview

This chapter concludes the portion of this book that covers the Understanding Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 CLDFND exam. The CLDFND exam expects the candidate to understand and describe the various integrated offerings available as well as the underlying concepts. In this chapter, you’ll learn about the various integrated infrastructure offerings and what led to the design of each.

Before you jump into the ...

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