Chapter 18 UCS Director Service Catalogs

THE FOLLOWING UNDERSTANDING Cisco Cloud Administration CLDADM (210-455) exam objectives are covered in this chapter:

✓ 3.0 Cloud Provisioning

✓ 3.1 Describe predefined Cisco UCS Directorbased services within the Cisco Prime Service Catalog

  • 3.1.a Describe the configuration of service names and icons
  • 3.1.b Describe order permissions
    • 3.1.b (i) RBAC

Cloud Provisioning with Service Catalogs

This chapter and the next focus on cloud provisioning and the service catalogs that are used with UCS Director and Prime Service Catalog. End users and customers use service catalogs to order services and workflows. Services can be as simple as bare-metal servers or more advanced such as three-tier applications ...

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