CCNA Collaboration: Cisco Exams 210-060 CICD and 210-065 CIVND

Video description

7+ Hours of Video Instruction


CCNA Collaboration LiveLessons
provides you with a detailed review of the key topics on both the CICD 210-060 and CIVND 210-065 exams.


CCNA Collaboration LiveLessons
is a video training package that helps you prepare for the rigorous CCNA Collaboration exams. The 7+ hours of video instruction walk you through the major topics on both the CICD and CIVND exams. Expert voice instructor and best-selling author Kevin Wallace provides you with more than 7 hours of video that covers the history of communications networks, call agents, unified communications feature servers, monitoring and troubleshooting UC networks, video networks, and Cisco Telepresence.

About the Instructor

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (Collaboration and R/S) No. 7945, CCSI No. 20061. With Cisco experience dating back to 1989, Kevin has been a network design specialist for the Walt Disney World Resort, an instructor of Cisco courses for Skillsoft, and a network manager for Eastern Kentucky University. Kevin currently produces video courses and writes books for Cisco Press/Pearson IT Certification (, and he lives in central Kentucky with his wife (Vivian) and two daughters (Stacie and Sabrina).

Kevin can be followed on these social media platforms:


Skill Level
  • Beginner
What You Will Learn
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express call agents
  • Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco IM & Presence unified communication feature servers
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting unified communications networks
  • Video networks
  • Cisco Telepresence
Who Should Take This Course

Anyone preparing for the CCNA Collaboration certification or wanting a better understanding of Cisco Unified Communications technologies.

Course Requirements

Basic understanding of routing and switching concepts

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. CCNA Collaboration: Introduction 00:02:17
  2. Part 1: CICD Exam 210-060
    1. Part 1: CICD Exam 210-060 00:00:06
  3. History of Communications Networks
    1. Module 1: Traditional Telephone Networks 00:18:06
    2. Module 2: Unified Communications Networks 00:20:40
  4. Call Agents
    1. Module 3: Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) 00:18:11
    2. Module 4: CUCME Users and IP Phones 00:24:09
    3. Module 5: CUCME Features 00:11:54
    4. Module 6: Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 00:21:15
    5. Module 7: CUCM Users and IP Phones 00:44:02
    6. Module 8: CUCM Features 00:07:49
  5. Unified Communications Feature Servers
    1. Module 9: Introduction to Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) 00:33:01
    2. Module 10: Introduction to Cisco IM & Presence Server 00:15:59
  6. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Unified Communications Networks
    1. Module 11: Introduction to Quality of Service (QoS) 00:29:04
    2. Module 12: Monitoring System Usage 00:23:36
    3. Module 13: Troubleshooting CUCME 00:19:56
    4. Module 14: Troubleshooting CUCM 00:11:43
    5. Module 15: Troubleshooting CUC and Cisco IM and Presence Server 00:10:43
  7. Part 2: CIVND Exam 210-065
    1. Part 2: CIVND Exam 210-065 00:00:06
  8. Introducing Video Networks
    1. Module 16: Overview of Video Networks 00:21:48
    2. Module 17: Cisco Video Endpoints 00:10:02
    3. Module 18: Adding Video Endpoints 00:17:50
  9. Cisco TelePresence
    1. Module 19: Introducing Cisco TelePresence Endpoints 00:15:07
    2. Module 20: Configuring TelePresence Endpoints 00:18:33
    3. Module 21: Troubleshooting Telepresence Endpoints 00:13:32
    4. Module 22: Understanding Video Conferences 00:13:55
    5. Module 23: Introducing Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) 00:10:19
  10. Summary
    1. CCNA Collaboration: Summary 00:01:17

Product information

  • Title: CCNA Collaboration: Cisco Exams 210-060 CICD and 210-065 CIVND
  • Author(s): Kevin Wallace
  • Release date: April 2016
  • Publisher(s): Pearson IT Certification
  • ISBN: 0134541855