Bandwidth Control

We said that EIGRP uses metrics, such as bandwidth, delay, reliability, load, and MTU, so we can manipulate these K values or metrics to force packets to go in the direction we want them to go. Essentially, we would be manipulating the outcome of the routing table by changing just one of the K values. In the following example, I will be changing the bandwidth on R4 S0/0/1 to 64 Kb and the S0/0/0 to 10000000 and then see what the outcome will be.

Router 4 changing the bandwidth on serial interfaces:

R4(config)#int s0/0/1R4(config-if)#bandwidth 64R4(config-if)#%DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP 100: Neighbor (Serial0/0/1) is down: interface downR4(config-if)#int s0/0/1%DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP 100: Neighbor (Serial0/0/1) ...

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