Chapter 6. Wireless Clients and Cisco Extension (CCX)


  • Install Wireless Clients

    • Describe client OS WLAN configuration (Windows, Apple, and Linux)

    • Install Cisco ADU

    • Describe basic CSSC

    • Describe CCX versions 1 through 5

Wireless Clients and Cisco Extension (CCX)

Client software can come from several sources:

  • The manufacturer of the wireless network adapter

  • The manufacturer of wireless infrastructure equipment like APs and controllers (think Cisco)

  • The manufacturer of the computer's OS

This chapter covers the client software that comes from these various sources as well as the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program. The CCX program allows Cisco's partner vendors to build capabilities into wireless adapters and client software that enable them to take advantage of Cisco features like Management Frame Protection (MFP). Keep in mind, however, that some Cisco extensions are standards based.

Wireless Clients

First, I want you to understand that wireless clients are not APs. I know I've referred to wireless clients as stations, and technically, as well as in the standards documents, an AP is also a station. This is why we refer to the non-APs as clients—for clarification purposes.

Some wireless clients are built straight into the underlying OS of a wireless computer. These pieces of software can be used to configure and control the wireless adapter in the computer, but there's a much ...

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