This chapter provides information and commands concerning the following IPv6 topics:

Assigning IPv6 addresses to interfaces

Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) and distributed CEF switching for IPv6

IPv6 and OSPFv3

Enabling OSPF for IPv6 on an interface

OSPFv3 and stub/NSSA areas

Enabling an OSPF for IPv6 area range

Enabling an IPv4 router ID for OSPFv3

Forcing an SPF calculation

Configuration example: OSPFv3

IPv6 tunnels: Manual overlay

Static routes in IPv6

Floating static routes in IPv6

Verifying and troubleshooting IPv6

IPv6 ping utility


For an excellent overview of IPv6, I strongly recommend you read Jeff Doyle’s book, Routing TCP/IP, Volume I, Second Edition.

Assigning IPv6 Addresses to Interfaces ...

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