Chapter 5. AutoQoS

Chapter 3 contained an introduction to AutoQoS. This chapter expands on that and offers some restrictions, caveats, and ways to tune it.

Some benefits of AutoQoS include:

  • Classification of applications

  • Automatic policy generation

  • QoS configuration

  • Monitoring and recording via SNMP and Cisco QPM

  • Consistent QoS policies

AutoQoS originally supported only VoIP applications. AutoQoS for VoIP is available on all Cisco routers and switches. Implementing it is basically a one-step process, as shown in the example in Chapter 3 (click here to review that example for router configuration.)

AutoQoS for Switches

To configure AutoQoS on a switch, use the interface command auto qos voip {cisco-phone | cisco-softphone | trust}. Use the cisco-phone

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