Chapter 1

Familiarizing Yourself with (ISC)2 and the CCSP Certification


Bullet Learning about the (ISC)2 and the CCSP certification

Bullet Understanding the benefits of getting certified

Bullet Exploring the CCSP certification domains

Bullet Creating a study plan

Bullet Registering for the CCSP exam

Bullet Taking the CCSP exam

In this chapter, you develop an understanding of the (ISC)2 organization and CCSP certification, including what you need to know before the exam, what to expect during the exam, and what to do after you pass the exam!

Appreciating (ISC)2 and the CCSP Certification

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium — more easily referred to as (ISC)2 — is a nonprofit organization that has been training and certifying cybersecurity professionals since 1989. With more than 140,000 certified members worldwide, (ISC)2 is widely regarded as the world’s leading cybersecurity ...

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