Chapter 9

Ten (or So) Tips to Help You Prepare for the CCSP Exam


Bullet Preparing to study and sit for the exam

Bullet Planning ahead for exam day

There’s more to successfully passing the CCSP than reading an awesome book like this one! In this chapter, I share some tips to help you prepare for the exam — from the start of your journey until test day.

Brush Up on the Prerequisites

Cloud Computing and Information Security are two topics that involve a great deal of knowledge from different fields within Information Technology. It stands to reason, then, that mastering the field of Cloud Security requires knowledge about lots of technical (and even nontechnical) topics.

Before studying for the CCSP exam, you should make sure you have a grasp of the fundamental prerequisites. Chapter 2 provides an introduction to information security, which is absolutely critical.

In addition, you should brush up on networking (TCP/IP, routing, switching, etc.) and consider exploring the fundamentals of some of the bigger cloud providers (like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure).

Register for the Exam

It may sound trivial, but registering for the CCSP exam is actually one of the best things you can do to prepare for the exam. By selecting and committing to an exam ...

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