Using AutoSecure to Secure Cisco Routers

This section explains how to use the Cisco IOS Release 12.3 AutoSecure feature to secure Cisco routers.

The AutoSecure feature is found in Cisco IOS Release 12.3 and subsequent 12.3T releases for Cisco 800, 1700, 2600, 3600, 3700, 7200, and 7500 series routers.

AutoSecure is a single privileged EXEC command that allows you to quickly and easily eliminate many of the potential security threats already covered in this book. AutoSecure helps to make you more efficient at securing Cisco routers.

AutoSecure performs the following tasks on the target router:

  • Disables certain potentially insecure global services

  • Enables certain security-based global services

  • Disables certain potentially insecure interface services ...

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