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CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 Study Guide

Book Description

Prepare for the new Certified Ethical Hacker version 8 exam with this Sybex guide

Security professionals remain in high demand. The Certified Ethical Hacker is a one-of-a-kind certification designed to give the candidate a look inside the mind of a hacker. This study guide provides a concise, easy-to-follow approach that covers all of the exam objectives and includes numerous examples and hands-on exercises. Coverage includes cryptography, footprinting and reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration of services, gaining access to a system, Trojans, viruses, worms, covert channels, and much more. A companion website includes additional study tools, Including practice exam and chapter review questions and electronic flashcards.

  • Security remains the fastest growing segment of IT, and CEH certification provides unique skills

  • The CEH also satisfies the Department of Defense's 8570 Directive, which requires all Information Assurance government positions to hold one of the approved certifications

  • This Sybex study guide is perfect for candidates studying on their own as well as those who are taking the CEHv8 course

  • Covers all the exam objectives with an easy-to-follow approach

  • Companion website includes practice exam questions, flashcards, and a searchable Glossary of key terms

  • CEHv8: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 Study Guide is the book you need when you're ready to tackle this challenging exam

    Also available as a set, Etical Hacking and Web Hacking Set, 9781119072171 with The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2nd Edition.

    Note: The ebook version does not provide access to the companion files.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Assessment Test
    3. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Ethical Hacking
      1. Hacking: A Short History
      2. What Is an Ethical Hacker?
      3. Summary
      4. Exam Essentials
      5. Review Questions
    4. Chapter 2: System Fundamentals
      1. Exploring Network Topologies
      2. Working with the Open Systems Interconnection Model
      3. Dissecting the TCP/IP Suite
      4. IP Subnetting
      5. Hexadecimal vs. Binary
      6. Exploring TCP/IP Ports
      7. Understanding Network Devices
      8. Working with MAC Addresses
      9. Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection Systems
      10. Network Security
      11. Knowing Operating Systems
      12. Backups and Archiving
      13. Summary
      14. Exam Essentials
      15. Review Questions
    5. Chapter 3: Cryptography
      1. Cryptography: Early Applications and Examples
      2. Cryptography in Action
      3. Understanding Hashing
      4. Issues with Cryptography
      5. Applications of Cryptography
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    6. Chapter 4: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
      1. Understanding the Steps of Ethical Hacking
      2. What Is Footprinting?
      3. Terminology in Footprinting
      4. Threats Introduced by Footprinting
      5. The Footprinting Process
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    7. Chapter 5: Scanning Networks
      1. What Is Network Scanning?
      2. Checking for Live Systems
      3. Checking for Open Ports
      4. Types of Scans
      5. OS Fingerprinting
      6. Banner Grabbing
      7. Countermeasures
      8. Vulnerability Scanning
      9. Drawing Network Diagrams
      10. Using Proxies
      11. Summary
      12. Exam Essentials
      13. Review Questions
    8. Chapter 6: Enumeration of Services
      1. A Quick Review
      2. What Is Enumeration?
      3. Windows Basics
      4. Enumeration with SNMP
      5. Unix and Linux Enumeration
      6. LDAP and Directory Service Enumeration
      7. Enumeration Using NTP
      8. SMTP Enumeration
      9. Using EXPN
      10. Using RCPT TO
      11. SMTP Relay
      12. Summary
      13. Exam Essentials
      14. Review Questions
    9. Chapter 7: Gaining Access to a System
      1. Up to This Point
      2. Summary
      3. Exam Essentials
      4. Review Questions
    10. Chapter 8: Trojans, Viruses, Worms, and Covert Channels
      1. Malware
      2. Overt and Covert Channels
      3. Summary
      4. Exam Essentials
      5. Review Questions
    11. Chapter 9: Sniffers
      1. Understanding Sniffers
      2. Using a Sniffer
      3. Switched Network Sniffing
      4. Exam Essentials
      5. Summary
      6. Review Questions
    12. Chapter 10: Social Engineering
      1. What Is Social Engineering?
      2. What Is Social Networking?
      3. Commonly Employed Threats
      4. Identity Theft
      5. Summary
      6. Exam Essentials
      7. Review Questions
    13. Chapter 11: Denial of Service
      1. Understanding DoS
      2. Understanding DDoS
      3. DoS Tools
      4. DDoS Tools
      5. DoS Defensive Strategies
      6. DoS Pen Testing Considerations
      7. Summary
      8. Exam Essentials
      9. Review Questions
    14. Chapter 12: Session Hijacking
      1. Understanding Session Hijacking
      2. Exploring Defensive Strategies
      3. Summary
      4. Exam Essentials
      5. Review Questions
    15. Chapter 13: Web Servers and Web Applications
      1. Exploring the Client-Server Relationship
      2. Summary
      3. Exam Essentials
      4. Review Questions
    16. Chapter 14: SQL Injection
      1. Introducing SQL Injection
      2. Summary
      3. Exam Essentials
      4. Review Questions
    17. Chapter 15: Wireless Networking
      1. What Is a Wireless Network?
      2. Summary
      3. Exam Essentials
      4. Review Questions
    18. Chapter 16: Evading IDSs, Firewalls, and Honeypots
      1. Honeypots, IDSs, and Firewalls
      2. Summary
      3. Exam Essentials
      4. Review Questions
    19. Chapter 17: Physical Security
      1. Introducing Physical Security
      2. Summary
      3. Exam Essentials
      4. Review Questions
    20. Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions
    21. Appendix B: About the Additional Study Tools
    22. Advertisement
    23. End User License Agreement