Assessment Test

  1. What is the focus of a security audit or vulnerability assessment?

    1. Locating vulnerabilities
    2. Locating threats
    3. Enacting threats
    4. Exploiting vulnerabilities
  2. What kind of physical access device restricts access to a single individual at any one time?

    1. Checkpoint
    2. Perimeter security
    3. Security zones
    4. Mantrap
  3. Which of the following is a mechanism for managing digital certificates through a system of trust?

    1. PKI
    2. PKCS
    3. ISA
    4. SSL
  4. Which protocol is used to create a secure environment in a wireless network?

    1. WAP
    2. WPA
    3. WTLS
    4. WML
  5. What type of exercise is conducted with full knowledge of the target environment?

    1. White box
    2. Gray box
    3. Black box
    4. Glass box
  6. You want to establish a network connection between two LANs using the Internet. Which technology ...

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