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Cents of Mission

Book Description

Written as a novel, Cents of Mission follows Luis as he struggles with the problems of many people and organizations today: the lack of fiscal resources. Watch him as he seeks practical advice and learns how to attack these problems with practical, military style command and control. See how learning, cost informed decision making, creativity, and continuous improvement become powerful forces for improving cost effectiveness and achieving life and professional goals.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Abstract
  7. Content
  8. Cast of Character
  9. Introduction
  10. Chapter 1: Luis Struggles with Personal Finances, Talks to Father-in-Law for Advice
  11. Chapter 2: Luis Analyzes Tax Effects of a Raise, Meets with Emily, Defines Mission
  12. Chapter 3: Luis Calls Colonel, Gets Explanation of Basic Command and Control
  13. Chapter 4: Luis Develops His Cost Intelligence and Attack Plan, Discusses with Emily
  14. Chapter 5: President Nelson Holds Budget Review
  15. Chapter 6: Luis Calls Staff Meeting to Find Cost Reductions
  16. Chapter 7: Chairman Stewart Leads the Saturday Cost Reduction Meeting
  17. Chapter 8: Al Educates Luis and Marty on How Command and Control Drives Mission Success
  18. Chapter 9: Luis and Marty Work Up Brief for Chairman Stewart
  19. Chapter 10: Researching Activity Based Costing and Performance Metrics
  20. Chapter 11: Luis Talks with Colonel About Intelligence Gathering
  21. Chapter 12: Luis Reengages Chairman Stewart on Cost Accounting and Metrics Issues
  22. Chapter 13: Struggling to Specify the Right Intelligence, Writing the Mission Statement
  23. Chapter 14: Meeting with Chairman Stewart to Prep for Pilot Reviews
  24. Chapter 15: The Pilot Cost After Action Review with Maintenance and Marketing
  25. Chapter 16: Figuring Out Facilities Cost Allocation
  26. Chapter 17: Luis Revisits Personal Finance Problems over the Weekend
  27. Chapter 18: Prebrief to Chairman Stewart Before First Full Cost Review Including Facilities
  28. Chapter 19: The First Companywide Cost After Action Review
  29. Chapter 20: Three Months Later: The First Good Ideas Meeting
  30. Chapter 21: Epilogue: Five Years Later
  31. Index
  32. Ad page
  33. Backcover