Configuring the s3cmd client

To access Ceph object storage via the S3 API, we should configure the client machine with s3cmd as well as the DNS client settings. Perform the following steps to configure the s3cmd client machine:

  1. Bring up the client-node1 virtual machine using Vagrant. This virtual machine will be used as a client machine for S3 object storage.


  1. Go to the Ceph-Cookbook-Second-Edition repository directory and run the following command:
        $ vagrant up client-node1        $ vagrant ssh client-node1
  1. Upgrade the client-node1 to the latest CentOS 7.4:
        $ sudo yum update -y         $reboot        $ vagrant ssh client-node1
  1. Install the bind-utils package:
        # yum install bind-utils -y
  1. On the client-node1 machine, update /etc/resolve.conf with the ...

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