How to do it...

The Cinder service that we configured in the last recipe creates volumes on Ceph, however, to attach these volumes to OpenStack instances, we need to configure Nova:

  1. We have already configured the following options to enable volume attachment:
        rbd_user=cinder        rbd_secret_uuid= e279566e-bc97-46d0-bd90-68080a2a0ad8
  1. To test this configuration, we will attach the Cinder volume to an OpenStack instance. List the instance and volumes to get the ID:
        # nova list        # cinder list
  1. Attach the volume to the instance:
# nova volume-attach 31000c20-5847-48eb-b2e3-6b681f5df46c 21bb3f31-6f9e-4d26-9afd-5eec3f450034# cinder list

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