Creating Ceph pools on specific OSDs

A Ceph cluster typically consists of several nodes having multiple disk drives. And, these disk drives can be of mixed types. For example, your Ceph nodes might contain disks of the types SATA, NL-SAS, SAS, SSD, or even PCIe, and so on. Ceph provides you with flexibility to create pools on specific drive types. For example, you can create a high performing SSD pool from a set of SSD disks, or you can create a high capacity, low cost pool using the SATA disk drives.

In this recipe, we will understand how to create a pool named ssd-pool backed by SSD disks, and another pool named sata-pool, which is backed by SATA disks. To achieve this, we will edit CRUSH maps and make the necessary configurations.

The Ceph cluster ...

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