Chapter 2. Routes to thick films
What is a thick film? How is it made?

Chapter Outline

2.1 Introduction36
2.2 Routes to Achieve Non-thick–Thick Films36
2.2.1 Vapor deposition36
2.2.2 Liquid deposition37
2.3 Thick-film Powder-based Routes39
2.3.1 Processing39
2.3.2 Sintering40
2.3.3 Constrained sintering42
2.3.4 Sintering aids44
2.3.5 Sol infiltration45
2.4 Modified Powder Routes46
2.4.1 Composite sol–gel46 Drying47 Pyrolysis48 Crystallization48
2.4.2 Enhancement of composite sol–gel systems50 Infiltrated composite sol–gel films50 Sintering aid in composite sol–gel films52
2.4.3 Kinetic deposition52
2.4.4 Polymer composite films53
2.4.5 Machining53
2.5 Powder Manufacturing Routes53
2.5.1 Solid state54
2.5.2 Molten salt ...

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