Chapter 7. Administration 177
The IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 historical data collection architecture consists of
three primary components. The following components are used to collect data in
the IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 architecture:
Warehouse Proxy Agent
Warehouse Summarization and Pruning Agent
Tivoli Data Warehouse V2.1
The Warehouse Proxy Agent
The Warehouse Proxy Agent is the bridge between the active monitoring system
and the historical data repository. It handles warehousing requests from all
managed systems in the enterprise. It uses ODBC to write the historical data to a
supported relational database. Only one warehouse proxy agent can be
configured and running in an IBM Tivoli Monitoring instance (hub Tivoli
Enterprise Monitoring Server) at one time. The Warehouse Proxy can only
successfully connect to a hub monitoring server.
Summarization and Pruning Agent
The Summarization and Pruning Agent maintains the data within the data
warehouse by aggregation and pruning data based on customer
specifications.The IBM Tivoli Monitoring administrator sets up how often to
collect the detailed data, what intervals on which to aggregate and prune, and
how often to run the aggregation and pruning engine. Typically, the
summarization and pruning process is scheduled to run once a day.
Tivoli Data Warehouse V2.1
The Tivoli Data Warehouse database is an integral part of the solution. It stores a
large amount of attribute data, and customers will want to host this data on
existing database farms. The database is used by Tivoli Enterprise Portal if
historical data is represented. External reporting tools and other applications can
access the data and operate off of this database.
7.4.1 Historical data types
As mentioned, there are two types of data stores for the IBM Tivoli Monitoring
V6.1 historical data component.
Short-term data
Long-term data
Short-term data
Short-term data is typically referred to in IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 as data that
is stored in binary files less than 24 hours. In the IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1
architecture, short-term data can be configured to store the binary files locally on

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