306 Certification Study Guide: IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1
򐂰 The date and time when the problem occurred.
򐂰 The log files collected with the service utility.
򐂰 ESS microcode level or SAN Volume Controller version, if known. The
microcode level can be obtained by looking at the properties of the discovered
򐂰 ESS, SVC, DS4000, DS6000, or DS8000 CIM Agent version, if known.
򐂰 The last time that inventory collection was performed (this indicates that the
repository is in synchronization with the real configuration).
򐂰 Whether the error is repeatable or it occurs intermittently.
򐂰 The answers to the following connectivity questions help you determine
whether there is a communication issue between IBM TotalStorage
Productivity Center and the CIM Agent server:
Is there any firewall enabled interfering with the communication between
the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center components and the CIM
Is it possible to ping the CIM Agents?
Is it possible to telnet to the CIM Agents?
Is it possible to contact the CIM Agents with a CIM browser?
Are the CIM Agents locate in the local subnet with IBM TotalStorage
Productivity Center or is a DA in another subnet used for discovery?
Is the DA on the remote subnet registered with IBM TotalStorage
Productivity Center?
Was the CIM Agents SLP registration successful? Use the slptool
findsrvs command.
7.5 Troubleshooting CIM Agents and discovery
CIM Agent management is a Disk Service capability. If you are having problems
with adding or editing the CIM Agent, check the following:
򐂰 Look in the trace log for errors:
򐂰 Look for HWN09999 error codes.
The database only knows about the last status as updated by the Device Server
(through a discovery or probe). If the Device Server is down, the status will not
change. The add, edit, or test function only works if the Device Server is up. If

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