140 Certification Study Guide: IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1
Password: Common agent registration password
This is the password used by the common agent to register with the agent
manager. This was specified when you installed the Agent Manager. The
default is changeMe.
See Table 4-7 on page 92 for further details.
Click Next to continue.
Figure 4-54 Agent Manager information
7. The Summary information window is displayed. Review the information and
click Install to continue (see Figure 4-55 on page 141).
Chapter 4. Installation 141
Figure 4-55 Summary of installation
The installation starts. You might see several messages related to Data Server
installation similar to Figure 4-56.
Figure 4-56 Installing Data Server
142 Certification Study Guide: IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1
Then, you might see several messages about the Device server installation, as
shown in Figure 4-57.
Figure 4-57 Installing Device Server
8. After the GUI and CLI installation messages, you see the summary
information window (see Figure 4-58). Read and verify the information, and
click Finish to complete.
Figure 4-58 Component installation completion window
Chapter 4. Installation 143
Verifying installation
At the end of the installation, the Windows Services shows that the Data server
and Device server services (shown in Figure 4-59) have been installed.
Figure 4-59 Windows service
You should check that the Administrators group contains the newly created TPC
user ID. The user ID TSRMsrv1 is created by default by the installation program.
Log files for Data server
Check the logs for any errors or Java exceptions:
򐂰 Install<time stamp>.log file from system temp directory or <InstallLocation>.
򐂰 <InstallLocation>\data\log
look for dataserver.out, dataserver.err, or DataServer.log
򐂰 <InstallLocation>\log
򐂰 From <InstallLocation>\data\log:

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