Chapter 1. Certification overview 3
sales representative, or educational trainer. Regardless of your role, you can
start charting your course through the Professional Certification Program from
IBM today.
The IBM Professional Certification Program Web site is:
1.1.1 Benefits of certification
Certification is a tool to help objectively measure the performance of a
professional on a given job at a defined skill level. Therefore, it is beneficial for
individuals who want to validate their own skills and performance levels, those of
their employees, or both. For optimum benefit, the certification tests must reflect
the critical tasks required for a job, the skill levels of each task, and the frequency
at which a task needs to be performed. IBM prides itself in designing
comprehensive, documented processes that ensure that IBM certification tests
remain relevant to the work environment of potential certification candidates.
In addition to assessing job skills and performance levels, professional
certification may also provide such benefits as:
򐂰 For employees:
Promote recognition as an IBM Certified Professional
Help to create advantages in interviews
Assist in salary increases, corporate advancement, or both
Increase self-esteem
Provide continuing professional benefits
򐂰 For employers:
Measure the effectiveness of training
Reduce course redundancy and unnecessary expenses
Provide objective benchmarks for validating skills
Make long-range planning easier
Help to manage professional development
Aid as a hiring tool
Contribute to competitive advantage
Increase productivity, morale, and loyalty
򐂰 For Business Partners and consultants:
Provide independent validation of technical skills
Create competitive advantage and business opportunities
Enhance prestige of the team
Contribute to IBM requirements for various IBM Business Partner

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