4 Certification Study Guide: IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business 6.0
Specific benefits might vary by country (region) and role. In general, after you
become certified, you should receive the following benefits:
򐂰 Industry recognition
Certification may accelerate your career potential by validating your
professional competency and increasing your ability to provide solid, capable
technical support.
򐂰 Program credentials
As a certified professional, you receive an e-mail with your certificate of
completion and the certification mark associated with your role for use in
advertisements and business literature. You can also request a hardcopy
certificate, which includes a wallet-size certificate.
The Professional Certification Program from IBM acknowledges the individual
as a technical professional. The certification mark is for the exclusive use of
the certified individual.
򐂰 Ongoing technical vitality
IBM Certified Professionals are included in mailings from the Professional
Certification Program from IBM.
1.1.2 Tivoli Software Professional Certification
The IBM Tivoli Professional Certification Program offers certification testing that
sets the standard for qualified product consultants, administrators, architects,
and partners.
The program also offers an internationally recognized qualification for technical
professionals who are seeking to apply their expertise in today's complex
business environment. The program is designed for those who implement, buy,
sell, service, and support Tivoli solutions and who want to deliver higher levels of
service and technical expertise.
Whether you are a Tivoli customer, partner, or technical professional wanting to
put your career on the fast track, you can start your journey to becoming a Tivoli
Certified Professional today.
Benefits of being Tivoli certified
Tivoli certification has the following benefits:
򐂰 For the individual:
IBM Certified certificate and use of logos on business cards
Chapter 1. Certification overview 5
Recognition of your technical skills by your peers and management
Enhanced career opportunities
Focus for your professional development
򐂰 For the Business Partner:
Confidence in the skills of your employees
Enhanced partnership benefits from the Business Partner program
Higher rates for billing out your employees
Stronger customer proposals
Demonstration of the depth of technical skills available to prospective
򐂰 For the customer:
Confidence in the services professionals handling your implementation
Ease of hiring competent employees to manage your Tivoli environment
Enhanced return on investment (ROI) through more thorough integration
with Tivoli and third-party products
Ease of selecting a Tivoli Business Partner that meets your specific needs
Certification checklist
The steps to certification are as follows:
1. Select the certification you would like to pursue.
2. Determine which tests are required by reading the certification role
3. Prepare for the test, using the following resources:
Test objectives
Recommended educational resources
Sample/Assessment test
Other reference materials
Opportunities for experience
4. Register to take a test by contacting one of our worldwide testing vendors:
Thomson Prometric
Pearson Virtual University Enterprises (VUE)
Note: Certificates are sent by e-mail; however, a paper copy of the
certificate and a laminated wallet card can also be requested by
sending an e-mail to mailto:certify@us.ibm.com.
Note: These resources are available from each certification description
page and from the Test information page.

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