Chapter 1. Certification overview 7
1.2 Access Manager for e-business V6.0 certification
In this section, we categorize the certification process for IBM Tivoli Access
Manager for e-business (Access Manager for e-business for short).
1.2.1 Job description and target audience
An IBM Certified Deployment Professional is a technical professional responsible
for planning, installation, configuration, data management, troubleshooting,
rollout to production, maintenance, and upgrade of an IBM Tivoli Access
Manager for e-business V6.0 solution. This person is expected to perform these
tasks without assistance, or with only limited assistance from peers, product
documentation, and support resources.
1.2.2 Prerequisites
Prerequisites needed to pass Certification Test 876 include knowledge of:
򐂰 Basic operating system administrative skills for AIX®, Solaris™, Windows®,
HP-UX, and/or Linux®
򐂰 Web server fundamentals
򐂰 Web application server fundamentals
򐂰 User registry installation
򐂰 PKI fundamentals
򐂰 Security policy management concepts
򐂰 TCP/IP fundamentals
򐂰 Security communication protocols
򐂰 Networking concepts
򐂰 Firewall concepts
򐂰 Programming fundamentals
򐂰 Directory services fundamentals
򐂰 Basic Web page development fundamentals (including security issues)
򐂰 Familiarity with industry standard reporting tools
򐂰 C, Java™, XML and application server (for example, WebSphere Application
Server) skills
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򐂰 Percentage off: 15%
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򐂰 Code is valid as long as the exam is available.

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