Chapter 6. Auditing and troubleshooting 205
hi_water The hi_water parameter for a remote logging connection
is similar to that specified for logging to a file.
path Configure the path parameter to specify the location of a
cache file on the local host. The cache file name defaults
to ./server.cache, where server is the name of the
remote server being logged to. If the running process
cannot establish communication with the remote server,
or the link fails during operation, event recording switches
to storing events in the specified file until the server again
becomes available. When the server is available, events
are drained from the disk cache and relayed to the remote
port Configure the port parameter to specify the port that the
remote authorization server listens on for remote logging
requests. The default value is port 7136.
queue_size The queue_size parameter for a remote logging
connection is similar to that specified for logging to a file.
rebind_retry If the remote authorization server is unavailable, the log
agent attempts to rebind to this server at this frequency in
number of seconds. The default rebind retry time out
value is 300 seconds.
server The remote logging services are offered by the
authorization service. The server parameter nominates
the hosts to which the authorization server process is
bound for event recording.
6.1.2 Auditing using logaudit
WebSEAL and Plug-in for Web Servers continue to support audit logging using
the logaudit entries and related entries in the [aznapi-configuration] stanza.
This approach uses the following stanza entries under [aznapi-configuration]:
logaudit Has value
yes or no. Yes enables auditing for the server.
auditlog Specifies the location of the audit trail file.
auditcfg Defines what event categories are captured in the logs.
logsize The value for the logsize stanza entry specifies the
maximum size to which each of the audit trail files can
grow and is initially configured with the value 2000000 (in
bytes). Depends on the value; behavior is similar to
rollover_size parameter in the log file agent.

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