Chapter 6. Auditing and troubleshooting 229
򐂰 Installation and configuration messages
Messages that are generated by the InstallShield MultiPlatform installation
wizards as well as by the configuration utilities. Some of these messages
follow the message standard and have an associated ID.
򐂰 WebSEAL HTTP messages
WebSEAL provides the capability of logging HTTP messages.
Message format
A message consists of:
򐂰 A message identifier (ID)
򐂰 A message text
򐂰 An error code
The error code is a unique 32-bit value. The error code is either a decimal or
hexadecimal number and indicates that an operation was not successful.
A message ID consists of 10 alphanumeric characters that uniquely identify the
message. The message ID consists of the following parts:
򐂰 A 3-character product identifier described in Table 6-2 on page 227
򐂰 A 2-character component or subsystem identifier
򐂰 A 4-digit serial or message number
򐂰 A 1-character (W, E or I) type code indicating one of the message severities
described in “Severity of message events” on page 227.
6.3.4 Trace event logging
Tivoli Access Manager provides configurable tracing capabilities that can aid in
problem determination. Unlike message logging, trace logging (or tracing) is not
enabled by default. Messages from tracing are sometimes cryptic, are not
translated, and can severely degrade system performance.
Tracing can be activated when servers, daemons, and applications start by using
routing files and Java properties files.
In some cases, tracing can be activated dynamically using the pdadmin utility
server task trace command with the set option.
You can use the trace command to perform the following operations:
trace list List all available trace components.
trace set Enable the trace level and trace message destination for
a component and its subordinates.

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