230 Certification Study Guide: IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business 6.0
trace show Show the name and level for all enabled trace
components or for the specified component.
Enabling trace
The server task trace set command enables the gathering of trace information for
the specified component and level. The command has the following syntax:
pdadmin > server task server_name–host_name trace set component level \
[file path=file | log_agent]
component The trace component name. This required argument
indicates the component to be enabled. WebSEAL
components are prefixed with pdweb.
level Reporting level. This required argument must be in the
range of 1 to 9. The level argument specifies the amount
of details that are gathered by the trace command. Level
1 indicates the least detailed output, and level 9 indicates
the most detailed output.
file path The fully qualified name of the file to which trace data will
be written.
log_agent Optionally specifies a destination for the trace information
gathered for the specified component.
6.3.5 Troubleshooting WebSEAL servers
This section details how to enable the capture of events when using Tivoli
Access Manager WebSEAL. WebSEAL provides the following components to
trace HTTP requests:
򐂰 pdweb.debug
򐂰 pdweb.snoop
pdweb.debug component
The pdweb.debug component traces the HTTP headers for requests and
responses. The pdweb.debug component only operates at level 2. If you want to
enable logging of the message body, the pdweb.snoop component needs to be
The following command invokes the trace utility for the pdweb.debug component
at level 2 and directs the output to a file:
pdadmin> server task webseald-instance trace set pdweb.debug 2 \
file path=/opt/pdweb/log/debug.log

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