Chapter 3. Installation 77
3.2.5 Access Manager Runtime (PDRTE)
The Access Manager Runtime contains runtime libraries and supporting files that
applications can use to access Tivoli Access Manager servers. You must install
and configure the Access Manager Runtime component on each system that
runs Tivoli Access Manager, with the exception of Java-based Access Manager
components that require Access Manager Runtime for Java (PDJRTE).
In other words, components that do not require PDRTE are:
򐂰 Access Manager Runtime for Java systems
򐂰 Web Portal Manager
򐂰 Access Manager Attribute Retrieval Service
򐂰 Access Manager for WebLogic Server
򐂰 Sessions Management Systems
One of the tools that is installed with the PDRTE environment is pdconfig. This
tool provides screens for the configuration of various Access Manager
components like the PDRTE itself.
The tool can also be used to unconfigure Access Manager components. This tool
utilizes the bassslcfg command in the background, which configures or modifies
the configuration information of the Tivoli Access Manager runtime.
3.2.6 Access Manager Policy Server (PDMgr)
There can only be one Policy Server for each secure management domain.
Optionally on AIX systems, IBM supports a secondary standby Policy Server.
This particular configuration requires additional software and hardware, including
High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) software.
Policy Server is part of the base system configuration; it gets installed on top of
the PDRTE as shown in Figure 3-1 on page 75.
During the installation of the Policy Server component, you are given the
opportunity to select what LDAP data format is to be used for user and group
tracking information. The two LDAP data formats available for user and group
information are:
򐂰 Minimal LDAP data formats (default)
򐂰 Standard LDAP data formats
Note: Yo u must not configure the Access Manager Runtime on the same
server that runs the Policy Server component until
after the Policy Server is

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