Chapter 3. Installation 81
To access the application for delegated administration that is integrated into
WPM use the following URL:
http://<host name>/delegate
Figure 3-2 Web Portal Manager components
Web Portal Manager is a Java-based application that is deployed in IBM
WebSphere Application Server. With the WebSphere Application Server
installation also comes the GSKit tool, but it is not a necessary part for PDWPM.
Since WPM is a Java-based application it requires PDJRTE components, as
shown in Figure 3-2.
3.3 Web security components
Tivoli Access Manager Web security components are a set of Access Manager
components that use different kinds of resource managers to protect Web
resources. These components are on the IBM Tivoli Access Manager Web
Security CD for the supported platforms. The components are:
򐂰 Access Manager Attribute Retrieval Service
򐂰 Access Manager for WebLogic Server
򐂰 Access Manager Plug-in for Edge Server
򐂰 Access Manager Plug-in for Web Servers
򐂰 Access Manager Web Security Runtime
򐂰 Access Manager WebSEAL Application Development Kit
򐂰 Access Manager WebSEAL
These components use the same common set of software depicted in Figure 3-1
on page 75, with some additional components that we describe in the following
Operating System
Server + GSKit
Tivoli Security Utilities

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