86 Certification Study Guide: IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business 6.0
enables WebLogic Server applications to use Tivoli Access Manager security
without requiring any coding or deployment changes.
3.4 Setting up a Session Management Server (PDSMS)
This section provides information about installing and configuring a Tivoli Access
Manager Session Management Server (SMS) system. The major role of the
Session Management Server is to manage and monitor sessions across
dispersed, clustered Web servers. The Session Management Server is an
optional component of Tivoli Access Manager. It runs as a service of the IBM
WebSphere Application Server, as show in Figure 3-6.
Figure 3-6 Tivoli Access Manager Session Management Server
The only prerequisite for the PDSMS installation is an installed and configured
WebSphere Application Server server. A Tivoli Access Manager environment
must exist before installing the Session Management Server. Access Manager
WebSEAL or Access Manager Plug-in for Web Servers must be installed,
configured, and running.
In addition, if you decide to enable WebSphere global security (to ensure that
administration actions are secured), you need to create three groups in
WebSphere Application Server that can be used to manage the Session
Management Server environment:
򐂰 A group for administrators, for example: sms-administrators
򐂰 A group for delegators, for example: sms-delegators
򐂰 A group for clients, for example: sms-clients
The names of the groups must follow the naming conventions of the user registry
used by WebSphere Application Server. You can use existing groups for this
purpose, if desired.
As an installation option you can enable SSL for the communication between the
Access Manager servers in the replica set and the IBM WebSphere Application
Server where the Session Management Server is installed.
Operating System
WebSphere Application
Server + GSKit

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