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Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE)

Video Description

The Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE) is a vendor neutral certification offered by Mile2 for the aspiring cyber-crime fraud investigators. The course is based on the recommended curriculum for the same certification. The course enables the students to investigate, pursue litigation, provide proof of guilt, or take corrective measures based on the evidence collected through digital media. The Certified Digital Forensic Examiner (CDFE) course is a comprehensive training course based on the official Mile2 certification exam curriculum. The course teaches the advanced concepts such as investigation of digital forensic incidents, usual ways to identify and discover anomalies in the stored data, data acquisition, forensic examination methods and smart devices investigation techniques. The course is ideal for the candidates willing to appear for the CDFE certification exam. NOTE Mile2 is: ACCREDITED by the NSA CNSS 4011-4016 MAPPED to NIST / Homeland Security NICCS's Cyber Security Workforce Framework APPROVED on the FBI Cyber Security Certification Requirement list (Tier 1-3)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction & Course Overview
    1. Introduction & Course Overview 00:12:54
  2. Computer Forensics Incidents
    1. Computer Forensics Incidents Part1 00:12:37
    2. Computer Forensics Incidents Part2 00:15:25
  3. Investigative Process
    1. Investigative Process Part1 00:19:23
    2. Investigative Process Part2 00:17:11
    3. Investigative Process Part3 00:17:20
  4. Disk Storage Concepts
    1. Disk Storage Concepts Part1 00:13:15
    2. Disk Storage Concepts Part2 00:17:21
  5. Digital Acquisition & Analysis Tools
    1. Digital Acquisition & Analysis Tools Part1 00:13:07
    2. Digital Acquisition & Analysis Tools Part2 00:11:10
  6. Forensic Examination Protocols
    1. Forensic Examination Protocols Part1 00:09:56
    2. Forensic Examination Protocols Part2 00:15:02
  7. Digital Evidence Protocols
    1. Digital Evidence Protocols Part1 00:07:11
    2. Digital Evidence Protocols Part2 00:14:00
  8. CFI Theory
    1. CFI Theory Part1 00:10:34
    2. CFI Theory Part2 00:14:18
  9. Digital Evidence Presentation
    1. Digital Evidence Presentation Part1 00:10:12
    2. Digital Evidence Presentation Part2 00:12:00
  10. Computer Forensic Laboratory Protocols
    1. Computer Forensic Laboratory Protocols Part1 00:16:40
    2. Computer Forensic Laboratory Protocols Part2 00:16:02
  11. Computer Forensic Processing
    1. Computer Forensic Processing Part1 00:18:36
    2. Computer Forensic Processing Part2 00:03:09
  12. Digital Forensics Reporting
    1. Digital Forensics Reporting 00:19:54
  13. Specialized Artifact Recovery
    1. Specialized Artifact Recovery Part1 00:19:04
    2. Specialized Artifact Recovery Part2 00:10:50
    3. Specialized Artifact Recovery Part3 00:16:17
  14. e-Discovery and ESI
    1. e-Discovery and ESI 00:11:39
  15. Cell Phone Forensics
    1. Cell Phone Forensics Part1 00:08:53
    2. Cell Phone Forensics Part2 00:12:10
  16. USB Forensics
    1. USB Forensics 00:05:45
  17. Incident Handling
    1. Incident Handling Part1 00:15:47
    2. Incident Handling Part2 00:20:03
  18. PDA Forensics
    1. PDA Forensics Part1 00:11:40
    2. PDA Forensics Part2 00:11:19
  19. Investigating Harassment
    1. Investigating Harassment 00:14:22