chapter 4 Pre-seen information for the practice exam case

Chapter learning objectives

  • When you have completed this chapter, you should be able to recognise the format and content of the pre-seen materials.


The unique format of the CGMA exam requires candidates to not only learn concepts, but also to be able to apply those theories in various situations. The best way to succeed at this level is to practise using past case study exams and mock exams based on your real live case study. By reviewing previous case studies alongside your current case you will improve your commercial thought processes and will be more aware of what the examiner expects. By sitting mock exams under timed conditions you can hone your exam techniques and, in particular, your time management skills.

This textbook is therefore based on this principle. It presents the practice exam case study and uses this to demonstrate the skills and techniques that you must master to be successful. The practice exam ‘Cast’ will be used to walk through the processes and approach. The remainder of this chapter contains the Cast pre-seen material. This material can also be found on

We would advise that you skim this chapter now before moving on to chapter 5 where you will be provided with more guidance on how to familiarise yourself with the pre-seen material.

1 Reference material 1—Intro

The Cast Group

You are a senior manager who works for the Cast Group (Cast). You report directly to the parent ...

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