chapter 11 Review of solution to practice exam and marking guide

Chapter learning objectives

  • After completing this chapter you will understand the way the case study is marked so that you can formulate your responses in the exam to score more highly.

1 Introduction

As we have already explained in previous chapters, the case study examination is marked against a series of competencies. It is important that you understand this process to ensure you maximise your score in the exam.


Once you have reviewed chapter 10, attempted the exercises and reviewed the suggested solutions this chapter takes you through the detail of how these exercises would be marked. We have also a sample student script to show some possible strengths and weaknesses which you may recognise in your own answer.

The official marking guide for the practice exam is given as follows:

Competency Section/task Marks Total marks available for competency
Technical skills (1) Arnold(2) Valuation models(3) Adverse publicity and share priceIntegration   416  5  2 27
Business skills (1) Identifying stakeholders(2) Valuation models(2) Governance responsibilitiesIntegration 13 4 6 3 26
People skills (1) Arnold(3) Ethics(3) Adverse publicity and share priceIntegration  413 6 2 25
Leadership skills (1) Identifying stakeholders(1) Arnold(2) Governance responsibilities(3) Adverse publicity and share priceIntegration ...

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