It is our pleasure to present the book Challenges of the Internet of Things: Technology, Use and Ethics which is based on a selection of articles presented in the French Open Science journal Internet des Objets, available at:

This book examines the problems pertaining to the IoT based on three different approaches: technology, use and ethics. The technology used to produce artifacts (physical objects, infrastructures), programs (algorithmic, software) and data (Big Data, linked data, metadata, ontologies) is the subject of many innovations in the field of the IoT, itself rich and stimulating. Along with this technological boom, the IoT is now used in new fields of application, including transport, administration, housing, maintenance, health, sports and well-being. Being a favored interface with digital ecosystems at the center of social exchanges, the IoT is developing the power to act with both good and bad consequences, thereby making it difficult to assess fair activity1.

In Chapter 1, “Internet of Things (IoT): Concepts, Issues, Challenges and Perspectives”2, Imad Saleh presents an in-depth review of the subject based on his article published in 2017 [SAL 17]. The author presents the definitions of connected objects, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything (IoE). He then establishes a connection between the IoT and Big Data, and cloud computing and data science. Furthermore, he provides the details ...

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