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Change is a Celebration!: Approaching Uncertainty with Confidence and a Positive Attitude

Book Description

Change represents the only constant in life today. You may try to understand and react to the changes in your work and personal lives in a positive and productive manner, but sometimes you can feel overwhelmed and confused. The strategies offered by Laura Stack will help you confront current and future changes with confidence and a positive attitude. Topics discussed here include:

  1. Common personal reactions to change and how to deal with them.

  2. Coming to grips with the inevitability of change.

  3. How to prepare for change in advance.

  4. Tips for quickly embracing change as it occurs.

  5. Where to find support during a difficult change.

  6. How to help your team adapt to change.

Change doesn't have to knock you off kilter. When the balance shifts---as it often does---these tips will help you create as seamless a transition as possible. That way, you can hit the ground running and get back to chasing your goals and dreams right away.