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Change Your Life with Positive Psychology

Book Description

EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE CAN BE IMPROVED WITH POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. It helps build resilience, optimism, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, wisdom, motivation and much more! It wakes us up to the power of feeling good, thinking positively and acting generously.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Contents 
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. 1 What is brilliant about positive psychology
    1. Background and history
    2. How positive psychology as an idea came to be
    3. The terms of happiness
    4. How to measure happiness and well-being
    5. What the research says
    6. Nothing is in isolation
    7. The power of choice
  6. 2 Happiness and psychological well-being
    1. Two ways to be happy
    2. The happiness formula
    3. Happiness and sorrow
    4. Happiness as a measure of psychological well-being
    5. Psychological well-being
    6. How strong are the foundations of your psychological well-being?
    7. Happiness and time
    8. Happiness and choice
  7. 3 How to build positive feelings and become happier
    1. The importance of positive emotions
    2. Positive emotion as a positive resource
    3. Building positive feelings: how to increase lasting positive emotion
    4. Finding flow
    5. Becoming present
    6. How to become more present
    7. Feeling good in and beyond the present moment ... lasting pleasure
    8. Start NOW!
  8. 4 Do more of what you love and set better goals
    1. Do you get up in the morning excited about the day?
    2. Natural talent
    3. Being authentic
    4. Remembering flow
    5. Finding your strengths
    6. Using strengths to express values
    7. What do we mean by values?
    8. Three important points to remember about using your strengths
    9. Goals
    10. Uncertainty
    11. Hope
    12. Positive thinking is better thinking
    13. Positive steps to achieving your goals
    14. Past experiences and their influence on your goals
    15. Is action in conflict with your values?
    16. Goals and fear
    17. Improving self-efficacy or self-belief
  9. 5 Emotional well-being: Building better relationships with ourselves and others
    1. Emotional control
    2. Emotional intelligence
    3. Catching your feelings
    4. Putting emotional intelligence to work
    5. Building a positive relationship with your romantic partner
    6. Putting positive psychology to work with your partner and all close relationships
    7. Self-regard, your relationship with yourself
  10. 6 How to become more resilient and cope better
    1. What is resilience?
    2. What makes a resilient person?
    3. The role of perception
    4. Attributional and explanatory style
    5. Taming the gremlin
    6. Building an optimistic explanatory style
    7. The power of optimism
    8. Coping optimistically and building your resilience
    9. Emotional coping strategies
  11. 7 Find out what matters: Having purpose in your life
    1. Why do we need meaning/purpose?
    2. How to find meaning
    3. Values that identify us socially and culturally
    4. Finding what we need and value is just the beginning!
    5. Create a mission statement
    6. Living authentically
    7. Telos
    8. Money and fame
    9. The cost of materialistic values
  12. 8 Getting wise: Developing your spiritual well-being
    1. Wisdom
    2. Developing your spirituality
    3. The advantages of religious belief and practice
    4. Spiritual practices that support well-being
    5. Mindfulness
    6. Meditation
  13. 9 Positive health: How to build physical well-being and live longer
    1. Physical well-being
    2. Having fun and getting healthy
    3. How to develop healthy habits
  14. 10 Putting positive psychology to work at work
    1. Positive psychology applied to performance and achievement
    2. Positive psychology applied to business relationships
    3. Positive psychology and meaningful work
    4. Transformational leadership
    5. Happiness at work
  15. Afterword
    1. Choice
    2. Complexity
    3. Creativity
  16. List of values
  17. Useful bibliography
  18. References
  19. Index
  20. Endorsements
  21. Advertisment
  22. Imprint