It's impossible to write anything of any size without a pile of people helping you out along the way (not a literal pile of people, that would be gross. Ish.). My pile of people includes my wife, Niqua, and daughter, Caitlyn, who peered through the office window on many nights wondering if I was done yet but gave me the time to finish anyway, my mom, who never needs to read or see anything I've ever worked on to say that I'm the best at it, ever (thanks, mom), and Erica Guthrie, who was my sounding board and informal idea editor throughout the writing of the book. Many of the features throughout the book, like the Xbox 360 Halo 3 example that we touch on in every chapter and the chapter Tear Sheets were her contributions, so you can thank her for all that is good here. It's an inevitability that I can one day offer to return the favor for her book. To my editor, Lauren, for her patience, enthusiasm, and understanding. To my production editor, Lauren (no, the other one), for her keen eye and ability to make my rambling coherent. To Von Glitschka for his incredible illustration talent with the monsters on the cover and for just being a great friend through the project. And last, to my business partner and friend, Mike Kelly, who helped form this philosophy with me and continually provides "wouldn't it be great if ..." moments to test each one. He's an absolute monster idea maker and encourager extraordinaire. I'm lucky to have him and his eternal optimism in my life. ...

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