Most of the examples cited throughout the book are pulled from experience and remembrance then backed up by various online and offline sources to fill in the often large gaps in my memory with relevant information. The following pages are a collection of those sources along with the agencies, firms, and individual creatives cited within the chapter. Not listed here are any examples or stories that I completely fabricated in an effort to impress you with my vast mental repository and wordsmithery.


The campaign success referenced for the Nike "Whatever" campaign was pulled from a June 5, 2000, Brandweek article by Janis Mara:

The Ray Kroc story was pulled from an post by Don Daszkowski on popular franchises:

The Apple/Motorola story was pulled from the Wiki article "History of the iPhone":

The facts within the Subservient Chicken story can be backed up within the Wiki article "The Subservient Chicken":

The reference to the concept of sticky ideas comes from the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath; New York, Random House, 2007.

The recounting of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo 3 campaign by McCann Worldgroup SF and its subsequent success can be found in the Wiki article "Halo 3 Marketing": ...

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